“You’re not the typical looks we’re searching for, why do you want to be a Star?”, A question that Miss Sarita Reth has remembered since the age of 7 years old. This was the major factor that drove the beautiful young girl to become a famous actress. Before becoming an actress, Sarita has experienced many difficulties, especially during her time as a contestant on Freshie Girls & Boys. She entered the Freshie contest twice, on Season 11, she struggled, received many criticism and did not succeed. Since then, Sarita decided to try her chances again on Season 12. Although she did not win, Sarita is satisfied with her performance and proud that she had made it to the finals.



Sarita has been involved in many shows as an actress and as a television host. She appeared on “Love of 9”, a TV show hosted by BBC Media Action. The show is about education and guidance regarding the protection of the general health of young adults. Sarita was also a cast member on “Magic Street” and “Miss Water”. Due to her sophistication and beauty, Sarita’s popularity has increased since then and have received a lot of support from her peers. In addition to acting, Sarita is also a spokesperson and does modeling for various international brands and companies, such as Swatch and Emirates Airlines.



Recently, Sarita’s workload has grown due to hosting MyTV’s Cambodian Net Idol program. The program is broadcast on television week-to-week . Currently, she holds a bachelor degree in “English Literature for Business” at Vanda Institute 271, she is also pursuing a bachelor degree at the Royal University of Law and Economics specializing in “International Relations”.

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Sarita dressed in Khmer Traditional Costume with her cute little sister Angie


Sarita is well versed on the piano


Sarita on graduation day. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in English.


Sarita posing near the Petronas Tower


Sarita posing with a samurai sword


Sarita spending her time working


Sarita visiting her second home in Kuala Lumpur


Sarita in a very beautiful and sexy dress


Yaro and Sarita MCing for an event


Sarita as the MC for Cambodia Net Idol


Sarita has a strong resemblance to Taiwanese actress Shu Qi


Comparing Sarita and Taiwanese actress Shu Qi in a dress


Another comparison of Sarita and Taiwanese actress Shu Qi