10 Mar – Last we heard of the psychological thriller “Mind Cage”, director Amit Dubey was aiming to submit it to various film festivals.


Less than two years since, “Mind Cage” has successfully made its world premiere at a renowned film festival in Cambodia.


The movie premiered on 5 March at the 7th Cambodia International Film Festival (CIFF), recently held in Phnom Penh and attended by professionals from regional and international film industries.


Now that his feature directorial debut has finally premiered, the director is aiming for theatrical release next.


Dubey is looking at releasing the movie in Cambodian cinemas in a couple of months’ time.


“I’ve been here six years, there are a lot of things fascinating about the country but the mental health situation was really striking to me,” said Dubey to JaiKon when asked about his movie. “I was really curious about it. So I ended up making the psychiatrist as a protagonist.”


“The theme of the movie is sanity and how it changes with each of the characters in the movie, and you will see the transition when you watch it.”


Amit Dubey speaking at the “Mind Cage” press conference.


“Mind Cage” explores the clash between traditional healing and modern treatment when it comes to treating those with mental illness. In it, a psychiatrist struggles to defeat superstition and old beliefs when a disgraced traditional healer threatens to tear his world apart.


Jimmy Henderson, director of photography for “Mind Cage”, said that both he and Dubey “are in the same mission to create new content to push the industry forward.”


“This is another stepping stone for the industry,” said Henderson, who would definitely know a thing or two about boosting the industry as his latest directorial effort, “Jailbreak”, had gone on to become the biggest Khmer action movie since its release last January.


Shot fully in Cambodia in 2015, “Mind Cage” stars Keo Ratha as Sarin the psychiatrist, Rous Mony as Mony the traditional healer, Sveng Socheata as Vanny, Sarita Reth as Nila and Savin Phillip as Vichea.