The TV presenter, actress and model revels her deepest fashion secrets to Eileen McCormick.


Good Times2: How did you get into acting and modelling?


Sarita: I started my art by going to pageants where I first fell in love with the spotlight on fashion modelling and acting. I persevered a lot and did not lose hope and give up. Eventually I was called in for casting and was selected for a role in the TV hit show Love 9.


Good Times2: Out of all the roles you have played, which one allowed you to have the most fun style wise?


Sarita: For me, when I think of fun it has to relate to some unique style – something that is not in my normal persona at all. With that in mind, I have to say I had the most fun in Love 9. The stories in the show were about sexual reproductive health and I helped to promote and educate viewers about the topic.



Sarita sees runway modelling as a living art. Photo: Supplied


Good Times2: How is your dressing different from that on screen to what you wear in your daily life?


Sarita: The thing about me is that I am often cast to play the cool hipster Khmer chick. So I get to dress like myself because that’s what the directors and stylists want. As you can see I don’t dress as a traditional Khmer person.


I like to think that I am a bit more edgy – more western and less Asian. There is a growing trend of girls like me, so a lot more roles are being scripted to have a person such as myself cast in the show.


Good Times2: What is the style difference from being a runway model to modelling for magazines?


Sarita: Runway modelling requires the ability to showcase a designer’s work while walking down a long platform, often in front of a big audience. It’s exciting and I love the feeling of all eyes in the audience following me. There cannot be any slip-ups or second chances.


I see runway modelling as more of a living art, where my face is chosen by a designer to make their dresses into an art form.


Magazine modelling is different. I represent a brand and I am chosen to wear something to help make any reader feel they could also buy and wear that.


Good Times2: Are you a brand ambassador?


Sarita: I am the brand ambassador for a Filipino label called ForMe. This company has an outlet in Aeon Mall. I have been approached by many companies but I don’t like to support just any brand or clothesline. It has to fit my style and ideals.



Photo: Supplied


ForMe believes that every woman has her own assets, her unique body shape, her own unique personality, preferences, beliefs, and her own take on fashion and the art of dressing up – revealing her innate sense of style and confidence to take on anything life throws at her. I like them because they have retro looks that balance out feminine and masculine looks. Many Asian styles are tighter fitting but For Me’s clothes are loose fitting in a flattering way.


Good Times2: What are your to-go brands?


Sarita: I really like the stuff sold in the Russian market. I often travel for my work so I can also head to malls around Asia to shop. I tend to get cool stuff from local Khmer markets, if I don’t want to spend too much money.


Good Times2: Do you have any favorite online shops?


Sarita: To be truthful, I don’t. It’s not that I do not like to see things online. But it’s just too much of a hassle to ship to Cambodia. I have bought clothes online a few times. When I got them, the sizes were all wrong and I had to return them and wait for the right ones to arrive. I wish there was more local online retailers. I hope one day I may be able to start up an online fashion store that has Cambodian sizes.


Good Times2: What are your must have makeup products and brands?


Sarita: Honestly I don’t use that much makeup but when I need to use it, I have a makeup artist. Have you heard of Kay? She is a Cambodian raised in Singapore. Anyway, she’s just brilliant. For myself, I love anything from Sephora. God, I wish there was a Sephora outlet in Cambodia. That would make my life a million times better. I often go to Malaysia and that’s where I pick up my makeup and general lotions.


Good Times2: What is your guilty fashion pleasure?




Sarita: I love sneakers, even when boots or nice shoes are supposed to go with an outfit. I just don’t care. I will always pick a pair of kicks over something trendy like boots. Another thing I like to do is wear my hair like Princess Leia of Star Wars. I just love her pink-tail bun.